Greenwood, South Carolina Monument, 1903


Greenwood, South Carolina Monument, 1903

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Greenwood, South Carolina
South Carolina

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Augusta Chronicle (GA)

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Monument to Carolina Heroes

Beautiful and Patriotic Address of Judge Wm. T. Gary at Unveiling Exercises

Greenwood, S.C., Oct. 22. -- A monument, dedicated to the Confederate soldiers of the state of South Carolina, who fell in the war between the states, was unveiled here this afternoon.
"...We were pursued by sectional hate, born of fanaticism, which was guided by no standard of right and controlled by no law. Our condition was such that freemen could not tolerate it, and it was constantly growing worse. Brave men could no longer bear it, and the South, as one man, threw off the yoke of the oppressor and struck for our liberty and our homes, God and our native land.

...The Confederate states of America were shortlived, but, like a brilliant meteor, it took its place in the firmament of nations and illuminated the world with the light of liberty. We know that its influence is now felt, and that it will continue to perpetuate the cause of human liberty so long as the Anglo-Saxon civilization survives. Who may say that its influence will thus be confined.
"We know that Christian civilization has successfully penetrated the jungles of Africa, and the descendants of many of the savages who were transported there from to the South have been taught to know God. We know that the highest type of Anglo-Saxon manhood and of Anglo-Saxon civilization may be found in the states of the South....


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