Graham, North Carolina Monument, 1914


Graham, North Carolina Monument, 1914

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Graham, North Carolina
North Carolina

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The Farmer and Mechanic (NC)

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Alamance Dead Memorialized
United Daughters of Confederacy Unveil Monument to Confederates

Major H.A. London Speaks

Large Gathering of Alamance County People at Graham See Unveiling of Monument In Honor of The Men Who Gave Their Lives in Cause of the South

(Frank Smethurst)
Graham, May 16. -- Major H.A. London, of iPttsboro [sic], delivered the principal address here today on the occasion of the unveiling of the monument erected by the Graham Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in honor of the Alamance Confederate dead.

Graham did fitting honor to the day and Alamance county, from end to end, was represented by the thousands who flocked into the county seat to witness the ceremnoies [sic]. It has been a day long talked of, longer dreamed of, for the Daughters of the Confederacy have been long agitating the question of suitably memorializing the men who gave their lives for the cause of the South. It remained, however, for the last year to see the culmination of the hopes and the activities of the patriotic organization, after tireless efforts, county fairs, entertainments of various sorts, tag days and the unlisted methods which women only know how to put into practice successfully. The total amount was subscribed under the regime of Mrs. E.C. Murray, as president of the Graham Chapter of the organization.
Introduction of Speaker
He did so briefly, saying in part:
"It is well for us now and then to turn aside from the duties of every day life, and together celebrate some great event in which we all have a common interest; to recall the achievements of the great and good of our own race and blood, and speak some word, perform some act, or direct some memorial which will keep fresh in our memories services, sacrifices and events that ought not to be forgotten. Such occasions serve to keep alive and nourish the qualities that make a people great...


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